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By Invitation Only - Chess Club -
Have you ever thought , i'm wasting too much time on my phone .
Well we all did at some point , we will offer you a solution for that , yeah we do that beside whitening teeth .
Well the solution to that time wasting issue is easy just …

Become Our Ambassador.


You will receive the first ambassadors package that contains
You will be hooked up with a custom 15% off code with your name
Example :  Yourname15
You can share your coupon code with your friends and followers on Instagram etc..
For each sale that happens with your code you will receive 30% from the total order value IN CASH – NO MINIMUM REQUIRED
We offer you these payment methods to receive your Money
  • Paypal
Our graphics design team will be at your service to create beautiful banners and graphics specially for you (FOR FREE )
You will have access to ALL the products in our store for only HALF the price .
Now the 1 Million dollar question : how can I become your Ambassador ?
At the moment we are recruiting ambassadors with invitations only .

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us ,
You can reach us through the contact us page or from our Instagram page .

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